Satori Soju

Satori presents itself as the first super-premium, hand-crafted American Soju (a Korean alcohol). Satori is GMO-free and made from brown rice, winter wheat and natural flavors (including lemongrass, pear, plum).

The market for Satori is niche and limited to craft alcohol drinkers who are environmentally conscience and concerned with quality and health.

The customer is a discerning alcohol connoisseur willing to spend for a premium and eco-friendly Soju.  The problem is that virtually all Soju available in the US comes from overseas and the process in which it is made and its ingredients are opaque to the consumer.

There has been tremendous growth in the craft alcohol space in recent years, although Soju has been largely ignored.  Producing to scale and gaining distribution and prime shelf space may prove challenging.

Satori is pain-solver for discerning craft alcohol consumers seeking a product that fits their discrete tastes.




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