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Additional Source (Cloud4SMB Expo):

Product: SEO is a search optimization engine that tries to accurately predict a user’s search results based on real time data. This allows for better search results, allows companies to better plan their Google Rankings and allows 3rd parties to collect keyword data (which ultimately reduces an advertiser’s Pay-Per-Click or PPC).

Market Type: This product taps three markets – 1. The primary user (us), 2. Sites the user is looking for or the firm (them) and 3. Advertisers interacting between the two (the intermediary). The real hurdle to each market type is the pricing structure. I suspect that the cost ($5k/mo) is not easily absorbed by smaller or less tech savvy firms, although they might be the ones that most benefit from it.

Customer and Problem: This product solves a problem for each of the segments above – 1. We get enhanced search results, 2. The Site is more aware of its impact and potential budget and 3. Advertisers can again collect Keyword Data (no longer available on Google Analytics).

Competition: SEO’s primary competition is any other search engine, especially those invested in predictive technologies or analytics.

Pain Killer or Gain Creator: For group 3 above it is a pain killer and for groups 1 & 2 it is a gain creator. For users it provides a better search result, enhancing a user’s interaction with a web search engine. For Sites it allows one to get a better understanding of its web rankings and the users it reaches. For Advertisers it fills a void that previously existed with Google Analytics that was dependent on Keyword data.


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