Product: Spacebar is a mobile app that allows broadcasting live events using free or paid services to consumers. Along with broadcasting, they also give data analytic to the broadcasters so that they can tweak their target audience/charges to attract more viewers.

Market: Although, the service can be used for various live events, they have positioned themselves specially targeting budding musicians all over the world as they might not have enough funds to host events on a larger scale. Their customer base is further narrowed as the apps they have so far are only for Apple users (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

There are several issues though with the tactics they are using to market just a particular segment. 1. It’s based on the assumption that customers already know when the event is going to be live (no prior advertisement is supported). 2. another basic assumption is that all the musicians in the world use apple products, and there is no support for android or Windows phones/ tablets.

3. Competitors: The product they are offering is not an innovation and there are several businesses already offering live streaming services from amount as low as $0. Their largest competitor would be YouTube. YouTube already provides stats + live streaming for free. With that said, it would be very difficult for them to attract users having such a big fish in competition. However, the only competitive advantage it has over some of the other live streaming products is that Spacebar allows charging viewers as compared to the broadcaster.

Spacebar is a gain creator as it helps budding musicians to broadcast their events live at the same time also allows them gathers stats and charge some money to viewers.


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