SPIRIT Navigation

Spirit Navigation uses advanced software to help improve navigation in areas where GPS signals are low. For example the system should allow access to navigation tools in tunnels or mountainous regions.

The product appears to be a re-segmentation of existing market by employing a niche strategy. They use location- based services, which is already used by several companies. However, they appear to solve the problem of losing a GPS signal in areas with little to no signal strength.

Spirit Navigation works with large corporations. They work with companies in Russia (where they are based) and also several large international companies like Samsung, Toshiba, and Texas Instruments. They are creating hardware and software for navigation tools for public use.

It is not clear who the competition is. Several companies already use location- based services. However, Spirit Navigation is trying to improve the overall quality of location- based services. This would actually help benefit companies that are already in the market to improve their product.

Sprit Navigation is a gain creator. From personal experience, I know how frustrating it can be to lose navigation services. Like most people I rely heavily on on my phone to get me from point A to point B, and any improvement that can help improve GPS quality would help me a lot.



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