Sprig: http://www.eatsprig.com/

Author: Debabrata Padhy

Sprig is an innovative concept about providing food on demand. The product is locally sourced and seasonal meals crafted by former Google executive chef Nate Keller. As per their website the company offers a daily rotating menu and ensures quick delivery of the food at about 20 minutes. This is an existing market with high amount of segmentation. There are multitude of restaurants offering dinner delivery at your doorstep and also many web based companies enabling ordering through mobile apps. Sprig aims to complete in the existing market by combining a some key differentiators such as providing only locally sourced and seasonal food, maintaining quality of food even while delivery and gaining a brand recognition by  using the former Google executive chef. The company is currently targeting customers in the Downtown San-Francisco area. The current customer pain point is the amount of time it takes to order food and the amount of time it takes in getting a delivery. A typical process would take about 5 minutes to order and about 30 to 40 minutes for delivery. Spring is trying to address this problem by making ordering simpler and faster with an app for the App store. They are solving the delivery problem by focusing on routing drivers intelligently. The other pain point is that the quality of restaurant delivery food is unhealthy and the quality degrades over the time it takes to deliver the food. Sprig is attempting to fix this by creating healthy food option with help from culinary food expert and executive chef. The company faces competition from established internet food delivery companies like GrubHub and also from local restaurants who are well established and provide local food delivery through their own website. Sprig is definitely trying to be a Pain Killer by reducing or removing the various issues faced by consumers trying to get good quality food in the shortest time possible.



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