SweetSpot Diabetes Care, Inc.

SweetSpot Diabetes Care Inc offer data aggregation and reporting for diabetes patients that use devices to measure their blood sugar every day.  They offer their services to all interested parties: researchers, health care providers, as well as patients.   The problem they’re solving is that of frustration and lack of interoperability between all these different devices out there, and the lack of data extraction or analysis that is available for these patients. 
Diabetes patients today get to measure their blood sugar on a daily basis, but they don’t get to see any trends over time, apart from what they can remember for themselves, so they can’t really deduce much with regards to their habits, what kind of events put them at risk…etc. Similarly, the researchers who are trying to find more solutions for diabetes patients have no real data to go on, unless they conduct expensive studies that monitor a tiny group of people on a daily basis. And finally, doctors have very little way to monitor and prescribe medication based on their patients’ actual blood sugar levels, as opposed to the patients’ memory of their blood sugar levels.   All of this leads me to believe that this start up is a pain killer, especially for researchers and patients. One could argue that it is a gain creator for doctors as it now gives them more visibility into their patients’ health, but it is still more of a pain killer in the sense that the doctor wouldn’t have to view extensive logs from each of their patients (if they’re that thorough).

The main competition that SweetSpot gets is from iPhone applications that offer diabetes data analysis based on manual input from the user, but this solution is quite cumbersome, and very focused on the user, as well as requiring a large amount of motivation from the user to keep up with it.


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