Teleport offers an application for people to share content between friends and/or their devices. File types that can be shared include photos, videos, documents, and more. Transfers occur quickly and easily over a secure peer to peer (P2P) private network.

The market is individuals who regularly have the need or desire to share various file types. Mobile users are emphasized as a segment since the demos all feature the mobile experience versus full site/desktop interface. Based on the current website graphics and shared videos, the apparent demographic target are teenagers and adults through late 30’s. Business use does not seem to be a targeted segment.

Competition includes cloud services, flash drive transfers, or sometimes email. Cloud services are described as being slower and more of a storage necessity than transfer. Email exchange is not able to compare for large files, since only small files can be transferred.

Teleport is a pain killer as people can share files more easily than the current methods, allowing more time for other aspects of a user’s life.The simplicity and ease are promoted to be highly desirable and unique versus competitors’ offerings.


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