The 86 Company

The 86 Company is focused on building high quality spirits for the emerging craft cocktail industry.  The company’s differentiation point is that their product is designed “by bartenders and is for bartenders.”  The company has four spirits that were inspired by the bartending community.

Market Type: Their product is targeted at the bartending community and the bars that they service.

Customer & Their Problem: Similar to the product that we want to build, their customer’s problem is that the market is lacking a “craft” distillery product.  Their product is for “mixing’ so they anticipate that bartenders will mix their four products with other drinks.  They claim that the bottles were made to include “useful and engaging information”. 

Competition:  Their site includes very limited information on their product so I’m not sure who their competitors are.  The alcohol industry is already extremely competitive, so I’d assume that their competitors are all of the products already out there.

Gain Creator: This product isn’t solving a particular “pain” but seems to be a “gain creator”.  This product is supposedly made by people who know what they’re talking about (bartenders).   



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