Timesulin is a timer enabled replacement caps, for insulin pens that people with diabetes already use, that helps the users avoid dangerous double doses. The Timesulin ‘smart cap’ fits onto all major insulin pen brands and has a built-in timer to show how long it has been since the last insulin injection was administered.

The replaceable caps market is new. Although Timesulin was created in 2011, now has offices in London and Stockholm, there were few such products to address this issue. Another company called Insulcheck, has similar product locates in Dublin, founded in 2009. Prices range from €25.00 to €29.99. 

A fresh startup, CommonSensing, founded by two MIT alumni in August 2013, offers a pen cap that tracks insulin and wirelessly connects with a mobile phone. They received $1,520,000 seed funding. Products seem not in the market yet. 

Worries about double dosing among people with diabetes have been long existing. Timesulin is an inexpensive, easy-to-use, zero-learning-effort-needed pain killer.



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