Vino Wine

Hello Vino!

*Note to the consumer – the Seahawks just beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship game and I’ve been drinking. I’m a Seahawks fan. Enough said.*

Their Product – The most important thing, for me, is that Hello Vino is free. You can download it on your Android or iPhone, or if you’re like me and have a Windows phone because you work for Microsoft, you can use their mobile web app. Hello Vino will help you pick the perfect wine, whether you’re in a restaurant, giving a gift or planning an amazing meal. It will also help you remember what wine purchases you’ve made in the past and locate good deals on yummy wines.

Market type – This is not for wine snobs. Wine snobs would see themselves as above using this app. This is for the people who truly enjoy wine but aren’t the best at knowing what wine, when.

Customer and problem – Didn’t I just answer this? I may be confused as to the difference between market type and customer. Maybe the market type is differentiating between beer, wine and other spirits? Could be. Either way, the customer is me. What is my problem? I like wine, but I’m not really good at it. By that I mean, dude, have you SEEN the selection in the local Fred Meyer wine section? It’s nuts. I try to pick some combination of good price, good quality and high alcohol content, but I can never remember many of the wines I’ve tried before. It’s really overwhelming. Help a girl out yo.

Competition – There are tons of apps that try to do the same thing. But none, including Hello Vino, are perfect. I truly want a Netflix for Wine/Beer/Spirits.

Is it a Pain Killer or Gain Creator – Gain creator obviously. If it were a pain killer it would just be a really strong bottle of wine… OR a handle of Vodka.


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