Whitewood Distillery


Our group project is a focused on a company that will produce, package and deliver customer spirits to consumers. Initially, I searched for a company on angel.co that creates and delivers some type of custom product. The companies I found were focused on products (furniture, clothing, etc) that could be designed online. Given our desire to work with the customer to identify specific tastes, I chose Whitewood Distillery (http://www.whitewooddistillery.com) as they also have plans for small-batch production.

The Product

As a craft distillery, Whitewood would like to produce small batch spirits. They are striving for a “cleaner, smoother, and more flavourful product then what is currently commercially available”. In addition, they would be able to offer small batch service to customers. Located in Alberta, the intent is to use local Canadian ingredients.

Market type

Whitewood Distillery would create a new product in an existing market which is an improvement over current offerings. Their strategy is to produce small batch spirits better than the competition. In addition to having an advantage over larger distilleries where small batches are not financially feasible, they will develop recipes for a higher quality product than currently exists.

Customer and Problem

The customer for this product includes both direct consumers looking for unique products or for businesses as it can be difficult to have custom spirits produced. Whether it is for personal enjoyment or for a house branded product, finding a producer for small batch spirits can be challenging.


The competition includes both large and small distilleries in Canada.

Pain Killer or Gain Creator

The product is a gain creator, as Whitewood Distillery will offer a product not currently available in the market. Both consumers and businesses may be looking for this custom product.


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