Their Product
GoVisually is a web product that focuses on streamlining the collaboration process between designers and clients.  Designers upload content, then clients and other team members can comment and annotate changes to be made.  It contains separate layers and numbered comment threads for each design, and revision control.

Market type
Designed to be scalable, it is meant as a tool for professional designers including individual freelancers, design service companies, and large corporations who want to use it on internal design projects.  The root idea is a business to business market.

Customer and problem
Designers are visually oriented people, yet in the design process, notes are often given in text, either by email or handwritten.  Moreover, the people giving the notes may not be trained visually, and can have difficulty expressing their thoughts in the clearest way.  This leads to misinterpretations, missed notes, and unclear communication.

While not identified in the press materials or on the website, the only other company I am aware of that is a similar idea is that of Skwibl.

Is it a Pain Killer or Gain Creator? is attempting to Kill the Pain designers have of not being able to effectively and quickly communicate with clients and other team members.


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