Mystery Gift Machine

Mystery Gift Machine is a service that makes group gift giving an easier experience. The gift organizer starts the process by entering the occasion for the gift, name of recipient and date you’d like the gift to arrive. You then enter the email addresses of the people you’d like to invite to contribute. This triggers a “funraising” page where everyone in the group enters gift ideas and makes their contribution.

The Mystery Gift Machine online “robot” helps individuals that tend to be the planners of group gift giving. They provide a fun, hassle-free platform that will bug the other group members, collect people’s gift ideas and money and mail a gift out. The intent is to eliminate the various pains associated with leading group gifting: collecting money, hearing everyone’s gift ideas and inevitably getting someone a gift certificate to a restaurant you think (?) they mentioned once that they liked.

The only real competition in this arena is the manual process that exists today. Mystery Gift Machine takes a 5% “tip” to provide a more positive experience for both the gift givers and receivers.


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