Evolving from a PR blunder

I have used Netflix services for more than three years now. Netflix uses multiple PR channels for promotions. PR newswire is probably its biggest channel for media releases. Most of its media releases are around big events such release of financial results, issue of new debt or equity, new ground breaking research in internet entertainment, launch of new services etc. Here are some of its recent press releases



Netflix has a big presence on social media. It uses social media channels to connect with its current and prospective customers. It has a social presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It has close to half a million followers on Twitter and close to 5 million likes on Facebook.

Netflix’s promotional activities are primarily geared towards existing customers. Most of their recent PR campaigns are focused on content rather than how Netflix is different from traditional television entertainment services. The focus is on exclusive content deals. Recent launch of Netflix originals is a step in same direction. It continues to offer one month free trial to new customers.

Netflix has come a long way since its ill-timed price hike PR blunder in 2011 that sparked massive customer backlash. My suggestion to Netflix would be to consolidate its PR and social media strategies in order to project a unified image to the world. Currently, its strategies look a little disjointed. 


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