Netflix for Clothes

Gwynnie Bee is a New York based fashion company started in 2011. It is the equivalent of Netflix for clothing. For a monthly subscription fee ranging from $35 to $150 dollars you get access to a large collection of clothing. The service has been widely successful due to its unique positioning to a previously underserved segment. These are mostly “fashionistas” who are trend sensitive and variety seekers previously constrained by their budgets.

Based on personal observation, it is not uncommon to spend an average of about $100 monthly or more on clothing. There are also those special occasions like weddings, anniversaries etc. when you need a unique fashion item. Such purchases can get really pricey.

I heard about Gwynnie Bee from my favorite fashion blogger Taneshi Awasthi of Girl with Curves. The company partnered with her to feature some of their style collections on her blog.  Partnering with influential style bloggers allows the company to reach the target segment with relative ease. Case in point, I am more likely to take style advice from somebody whose fashion choices I admire. The company has built a strong online presence on social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook and on various blogs to create awareness of their service and to position themselves as a viable alternative to the more traditional methods of buying clothes.

After reading about Gwynnie Bee on Tanesha’s blog, I quickly visited their website to check out their service.


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