Farmers’ Market PR

I have purchased food products and soap products from start-up companies focused on health and a do-good mentality.  They reached me simply by making their product available and by spending a lot of time and efforts on purposeful placement of their product.  Product placement and purposeful targeted PR activities for new products can sell first-time users.  I do not remember hearing of these products before seeing them on the shelves, but I seek out such products in the health-conscious and consumer-conscious aisles of grocery stores and at farmers markets.  I have purchased such products in farmers’ markets, because I associate good, environmentally friendly, and healthy products with farmers’ markets.  PR from farmers markets comes in the form of word of mouth referrals, flyers, and some press.  Ultimately, I think the PR and Community management activities are geared towards the top of the funnel, as they are spending resources being seen at events that cater to their target customers.  I think these start-ups could improve their PR and Community management activities by collaborating with similar health-focused companies to establish a year-round venue and farmers’ market type atmosphere.  Markets are typically seasonal, and these companies are currently subject to seasonal fluctuations in sales.


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