I recently jumped on the fitness tracker bandwagon and started using Fitbit after receiving the device through my health insurer.

Fitbit partners with PR firm Kaizo to raise brand awareness and share of voice.  Recent media releases centered on holiday sales volume (Fitbit was a best-selling gift item on Amazon), the current dominant position (67% of units sold), and new product releases like Flex.

Fitbit relies heavily on blog reviews, Twitter, and Facebook for customer evangelism and gamefication, and encourages and makes it easy for users to connect with one another. Fitbit has some 700,00 blog mentions, 225,000 likes on Facebook and 70,000 followers on Twitter.  Customers can opt in to regular dashboard updates via email and are awarded badges for fitness-related achievements and can cheer or taunt friends, send them direct messages, and view their status amongst friends and family in a leaderboard format.

The tell-a-friend focus is a primary marketing driver for Fitbit.  The company would do well to balance the excitement and eagerness with campaigns that tell inspiring customer stories.


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