Shoemint is an online women footwear retailer. Every month actress Rachel Bilson and stylist Nicole Chavez work with American shoemaker Steve Madden to bring out near 20 new styles, pricing from $79.98 to $150. Customers will be charged $79.98 at the beginning of each month as a credit adding on to his or her account. The more credit get used, more likely the customer will get bigger discounts.

Their promotional activities through PR geared more towards the bottom end of the tunnel, customers who already signed up, made a purchase, or subscribed. In terms of press and PR, three major channels they work closely with are fashion and lifestyle magazines, fashion websites, and fashion bloggers. Most of the stories, editorial photo-shoots, and short videos on the magazines and websites feature Shoemint products to provide the fashion lovers, potentially Shoemint consumers with tips on how to style a pair of Shoemint shoes. Rarely a page in magazines or a pop-up ad pops up. Also Shoemint keeps good relationship with fashion bloggers by sending over samples for them to feature in their blogs so that those who read their blogs, in most cases, are aware of Shoemint already will draw inspiration and hopefully get one pair themselves.

As for community management, Shoemint lunched an Instagram campaign in December to “MintSiders” to showcase their style on the pair with #shoemint in order to get promotion codes, and also share with the shoemint communities. Other major part of promotional activities mostly gear towards their existing customers for special deals at certain holidays and occasions through emails. Content driven shoemint bloggers are constantly updated with photos and stories on how to style a pair of shoemint shoes as well. To conclude, I believe that Shoemint aim their promotional activities to mostly existing customers.

I think Shoemint has not fully utilized the power of celebrity for branding, As an actress and an celebrity with acclaimed style, Rachel Bilson could bring the brand to a larger platform by walking in Shomint shoes in more occasions, and thus get more coverage to those who do know and like her style, but yet not heard of Shoemint. Also more creative content driven stories and videos can be featured more on their facebook page, youtube channels instead of only a few promotional editorial photos and videos.


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