Starbucks PR

I have been a frequent customer for Starbucks coffee beans. Although I try coffee beans from other brands from time to time, I always go back to Starbucks because of its customer-orientation mindset, neighborhood coffee shops that I can walk in and get my coffee beans ground, as well as constant brand exposure due to massive media coverage. 

There are obviously tons of ways Starbucks promote its products and millions of mainstream media coverage. One of the tops ones could probably be through Facebook likes. Whenever Starbucks has promotions like seasonal special drinks, buy 1 get 1 free, it accumulates new likes on top of its current 36,153,678 Facebook followers. 

Also, Starbucks is deem to create an image of a triple-bottom line company. It involves in community development, environment protection, and global responsibility. Because Starbucks is so successful a company, there are millions of studies and reports about its marketing strategies. Readers range from business school students, investors, customers, and competitors. 

Starbucks has been accomplishing the funnel cycle many times, and continues to do so. Personally, as a quasi-loyal customer, I think it’s doing pretty well. 


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