Woot is an online retail store that started by offering one discounted product such as electronic gadget each day until sold out or midnight time, whichever comes first. Its tagline is “One day, one deal”.

The company’s marketing style is irreverent and often acknowledges its community of customers. Product descriptions commonly mock the product, the customer, or Woot itself. Product drawbacks are preemptively acknowledged and buyers are advised to beware. For those only interested in serious details, official information about the product is always listed below the Woot-written description. Community users often do their own product research and post their opinions on the user forums. Woot staff tags the most useful posts and features them at the top of the forum.

Based on their community strategy, their activities are mostly focused around their current existing customers or “community” as they call them. They would like the community members to contribute about product detail, defects and drawbacks. However, their customer service is really bad and they don’t usually take back defected products and lots of complaints exist in their facebook page.

I could not find any PR or community management from Woot towards acquiring new customers and since they are not keeping their current users happy, they may lose their market in the future. There was rumor that Amazon was going to acquire them, however, the deal never happened.

I believe if woot.com does a better job in their customer service and gets a good reputation, will have a better future due to word-of-mouth from their current community.


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