23andMe PR

I wish I could remember the first time I heard about 23andMe. I’m fairly confident it was either through radio, television or online advertising. Once I heard about it I checked out their website, www.23andme.com. At that point, after some research, I thought they offered a really cool service but I couldn’t see paying for it.

A couple years later, after seeing through facebook that several of my friends had become 23andMe customers and being much closer to starting a family, I decided the $99 fee was well worth the service.

After doing a little bit more research on genetic testing and ancestry origin testing I found that there wasn’t another company offering the same mix of services and providing it in an easily digestible format with a clear vision of where they wanted to go in the future with a simple cost structure.

To find out about their company here are some of their promotional activities through PR and mainstream media:

Press Releases:


Social channels:

23andMe focuses their PR and Community Management activities towards people at the top of the funnel. Once they have interest the ideal typical 23andMe customer will do the rest of the work by visiting their site and doing research on their own. 23andMe provides a unique product that appeals to intelligent, educated individuals. From my POV there isn’t much they could do to improve their PR and community management activities.


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