Birchbox is a monthly subscription service that delivers beauty, lifestyle, and grooming product samples for both men and women.  Birchbox launched in September 2010 and has since been featured in over 100 popular magazines, blogs, and online articles.   In addition to their monthly beauty subscriptions, Birchbox publishes a monthly magazine with original editorial content where they promote their various partners and guide customers to purchase full-sized products through their website.

Birchbox has some tough competition including Glossybox, Love Me Beauty, Beauty Army, Ipsy GlamBag, and the GoodBox, which is why it’s important for them to stay relevant through an effective PR and Marketing strategy that includes the following. 

  • They’ve made an effort to launch a press release for each new strategic partner.
  • They’ve also partnered with several popular companies to promote special, one-time boxes (i.e. US Weekly and Birchbox have teamed up to produce a special February 2014 box).  Through this initiative, Birchbox is able to gain access to their partner’s customer base to help increase awareness.
  • Birchbox also focuses on raising awareness through traditional “owned” social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, their YouTube channel, and their blog. Through these channels, Birchbox is attempting to become a “go to” resource for credible beauty advice and hopes to convert that audience into a monthly subscription customer and then to a customer who purchases full-sized products from the website.
  • Birchbox has earned media attention through numerous credible news sources (i.e. New York Times) and popular magazines (i.e. InStyle and Real Simple) writing articles about them.
  • Birchbox customers have even started a Facebook group called “Beauty Box Swaps” where customers can swap their samples.

Through my research it appears that Birchbox has efforts focused on all parts of the funnel but they focus the most on awareness.  As a current customer, I think they’re making a decent effort to retain current clients but they could probably do a better job by making sure their samples are relevant to the customer’s preferences so they don’t end up with a leaky faucet where they lose customers just as fast as they acquire them. 



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