Christian Dior

According to the Google search result, main press releases about Christian Dior comes from worldwide fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle, fashion channel of newspapers and news website such as Huffington Post, Forbes and International Bueiness Times UK, etc. These news releases covers Christian Dior’s fashion shows, celebrity’s wearing, brand and product introduction and interviews with the brand designer. Aside of press releases, Christian Dior has it’s own website and social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Also, there are many promotions come from celebrity and models’ social media content and fashion bloggers’ comments about the brand and products. Christian Dior’s advertising channels include main media stream such as TV, radio, newspapers print, online promotion, emails, and sponsorships of events and fashions shows.

Basically Christian Dior’s public relation and community management activities are targeted at both general public and existing customers. However, most of the PR promotions are about the general brand, not really about specific products. One way for Christian Dior to improve their PR and Community management activities is to make the promotions more specific about their products for general customers.


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