Comcast’s Promotional and PR Activities

In examining the promotional activities being undertaken by Comcast, it appears that a large amount of their spend goes to advertising, especially to build awareness and interest about new or improved product offerings with potential customers. At the moment, they are trying to attract customers to their new X1 platform offering. In the past they’d focused on the speed of their services and the breadth of channels available, trying to lure customers away from other internet providers with the promise of better value for faster speeds and more content.

Because it is such a large company, most of the news being written about Comcast has to do with the way it does business. Every so often they’ll be an article about a revolutionary new service it’s released, but for the most part the positive news coverage consists of earnings reports and personnel changes at the corporate level. The positive stories seem to be trying to attract new customers by spreading a positive image of the company. It is a bit surprising that most of the stories Comcast puts out focus on services and partnerships with very little said about corporate social responsibility. I would assume that this would be an important aspect to their marketing efforts, but it seems to be downplayed as they try to build awareness about the company.

In addition to the positive stories being written about Comcast, there is quite a bit of negative news coverage focusing on pricing, hacked accounts, and misuse of customer equipment. These negative articles seem to be driven by competitors in the hopes of pulling customers away from their services.

Their social channels are focused deeper in the funnel, targeting people who are already customers and trying to improve their loyalty. Comcast/xfinity has a Facebook page and Twitter feed. The Facebook and Twitter feeds share information about upcoming programs and provide tips on how to enhance the customers experience. The content released through these social channels is meant to enhance and improve the customer’s experience to increase happiness with the services and turn the customer into an evangelist in order to draw in more customers.

It makes sense that the broad advertising they do both online and offline would focus at the top of the funnel, while the social channels would focus more deeply on customer retention. My analysis shows that they are missing some evaluation elements. Their website does a great job of outlining their offerings, but there are very few opportunities to try the bundles on a trial basis. I would assume the costs of doing this are just too high, and therefore Comcast may feel that raising interest and driving customers to their site or to call to order services will naturally result in the right amount of conversions to customers. Given the propensity of today’s consumers to jump from service to service depending on the deals being offered, this strategy probably makes sense. Giving a period of evaluation may reduce the number of paying subscribers.



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