doTERRA International LLC – Notes on PR and Comm Mgmt

doTERRA International is a world-leading essential oil provider that promotes life-enhancing effects of natural extract and alternative medicine by offering therapeutic grade pure essential oils and proprietary oils blends for massage, aromatherapy, topical, dietary uses and many more. The company was awarded Utah County Business of the Year on Jan. 27th, 2014 by the Utah Valley Chamer of Commerce. Founded in 2008, the company has expanded rapidly across the world with offices a number of countries in all continents.
doTerra employs a direct sales strategy with independent product consultant spreading the words and growing the network of customers and salespeople. The publicity and community management, however, focuses mostly on promoting the use of essential oils in daily lives and educating potential customers about the benefits of herbal medicine, especially in the form of essential oil. Though scientifically not yet proven, there is a growing population beginning to accept natural extracts as a health supplement and enhance life quality such as lifting mood or relieving stress. Taking advantage of the wider acknowledgement, doTerra’s PR strategies focuses on raising awareness of benefits of essential oil, through blog posts and annual meetings. Their social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, in contrast, provide a platform for existing customers to interact with healthcare professional and other members of the doTerra community to exchange thoughts, experiences and learn about new products and events.
It seems that doTerra has done a great job through person-to-person contact to reach people who are genuinely interested in alternative medicine (or in some cases too nice to say no to friends and family). I think that focusing on the benefits of alternative therapy, their essential oil distillation and characterization technology and their Healing Hands Foundation instead of just trying to sell products in their PR material is a much more effective approach to growing public awareness of their product. The only improvement I may suggest in the PR is present more scientific details to back-up their claims to gain further public acceptance. Digging into the scientific or clinical reasons why herbal medicine were and still are administered in Eastern cultures may be a good place to start.


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