Dreamhost Web Hosting

I currently host my design website (shameless plug, www.ptalights.com)through a company called Dreamhost.  Started in 1997 by four undergraduates at Harvey Mudd College, Dreamhost was voted the favorite hosting company by the users of Lifehacker, and the company is among the largest hosting providers available.  

Their social media outlets are focused to the existing user base.  The companies twitter account has information about the office culture, upcoming server maintenence, newsletter announcements and available jobs.  They also maintain Google+ and Facebook accounts, that are look to be more about putting information from their company website on to the social media channels. 

However, even with the established nature of the company, excellent hosting word-of-mouth, and many postive reviews of the service, articles and PR activities of the company are focused on brand awareness right now.  Specifically, the company is talking up developments in cloud services.  Dreamhost has developed several offerings in the past to their subscribers, but is currently heavily involved in the development of a product called OpenStack that promises a scalable cloud solution for businesses and other users, hopefully leading toward the development of cloud standards against the proprietary nature of cloud services today.

The OpenStack PR seems to be focused on industry publications, which feels appropriate given the somewhat technical nature of the product.  The company’s other PR activities which include mentions in more mainstream publications like The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and CNN Money are actually rather interesting.  Dreamhost is mentioned in articles as a source of authority, rather than the subject of the article.  For example, the CNN Money piece is about Google’s “blacklist” that identifies and posts warnings about potentially malicious websites.  In this context Dreamhost is called on for a hosting perspective, and as an example of how a hosting company protects its customers from getting on the list.  This type of coverage sets up the company for both customer awareness (“I don’t know much about hosting, but these people seem to know a lot about it, maybe I should become a customer”) and for existing customers (“My hosting company is on top of this issue, I will continue to buy their product”).


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