Eteamz allows youth sports teams and leagues to easily create a website.  There are a number of sport specific template to choose from but enough flexibility to customize it to meet your needs.  The website makes it easy to communicate with teams, keep track of individual statistics, sell gear, and collect donations.   All of these functions are available for free, but for a monthly fee you can also create schedules and conduct registration.

Eteamz has not any coverage in mainstream media and has a very limited presence in social media.  The lack of presence in social media is particularly interesting because one of the benefits of being a paying customer of the site is stronger social media outreach.  The company has created a large number of partnerships with some of the major players in youth sports including Little League Baseball, Pop Warner Football, and the Positive Coaching Alliance.  These partnerships are a primary source of customers.  Eteamz does send occasional email updates and seeks feedback to improve the features.  Given this, it seems like there management activities are more geared toward the existing customers, or the bottom of the funnel.

The lack PR and community management activities indicate that Eteamz has plenty of opportunities to improve.  Eteamz is powered by, which does have more of a presence.  Active is an online community for those who want to participate in activities such as triathlons.  Active has a strong social media presence, sends e-newsletters, and has a large number of message boards.  They also handle the online registrations for a lot of sporting events, where they can also reach customers.  Perhaps, the best option for improving PR for Eteamz is to have a better connection to and the avenues used for community management and PR.  This may help Eteamz create awareness.


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