Lululemon Athletica Inc

Founded in 1998, lululemon athletic makes technical athletic clothing for yoga, running, and working out. They have a number of promotional activities including sponsoring the annual SeaWheeze Half Marathon in British Columbia, email campaigns, and a number of social channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Their activities look to be focused on existing customers. For example, their Blog and YourTube channel focuses on educating current customers on topics related to health and fitness. Other activities including Facebook and Twitter look to engage customers to interact with both the company and other customers.

Although they seem to have a good handle on their promotional activities, Lululemon has suffered due to multiple PR issues in the last year. A massive product recall due to quality issues eventually led to the Founder stepping down ( Most recently, the company has been aggressively seeking out customers who resell product on eBay and banning them from the company website ( These seemingly never ending issues are making a bad name for the company and raising negative awareness.

I believe it is critical for the company to get a handle on their PR and community management in order to save their reputation and avoid additional drops in their stock price. Addressing issues head on without attacking their customers should be top of mind for them at all times. I believe one positive move for the company would be to feature either the CEO or another spokesperson for the company in the media consistently over the next couple of months with positive messaging regarding the company, including acknowledgement of past mistakes. Company policies should also be reviewed through the lens of the customer.


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