ModCloth: Connecting Consumers and Fashion

Whenever I get the craving to add a new dress to my wardrobe, I always head to ModCloth to start my search. ModCloth is an online retailer that sells fun, vintage-inspired clothing, accessories, and home décor. ModCloth’s online social channels are dedicated to interacting with their current customers.  They have over one million fans on Facebook and they quickly respond to comments or complaints, often multiple times for one post. They also actively seek consumer feedback; for example they recently posted pictures of several dresses on Facebook and asked customers how they would accessorize the looks. This strategy helps customers quickly engage with the ModCloth community and it gives the company valuable consumer data.

Their other social channels, including Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and their online blog, have a heavy focus on style inspiration and showcasing new items, again targeting current customers. They also connect with their customers by email; however I found the emails to be too frequent and generic. I think they have an opportunity with their e-newsletter to improve customization, perhaps allowing customers to choose a daily, weekly, or monthly communication that would be based off of past purchases.

There have been numerous articles written about ModCloth, including in the New York Times and on and, most of which highlight the company’s growth, culture, and their connection to their customers. Many of ModCloth’s press releases also promote their social strategy, such as when they announced the launch of their crowd-sourced designs in 2011 and 2012 and their incorporation of more plus-size designs in 2013, a result of consumer demand.  This type of PR helps to build brand awareness and attract customers who are interested in fashion and want to actively engage with the retailer. However, I think these releases speak to their current customers as well since it notifies them of changes in the business, like the launch of a new mobile app. Since ModCloth has built a large following of consumers who are actively engaged with the brand, they can focus on maintaining those connections and let the loyal supporters spread the word for them.


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