Nest is in the business of reinventing stagnant electronic products. Their flagship product, the Nest learning thermostat, disrupts the thermostat market by offering an elegent and easy to use device with numerous customer friendly features such as a smart phone app, motion sensors and a learning engine which picks up consumer behavior. Recently they launched a smoke detector which similarly offers many benefits over conventional smoke detectors. More information can be found on their website [1].

Nest has a whole host of PR activities. Like any modern company they have various channels of engaging users including a blog [2], a Twitter account [3] and a Facebook page [4]. In addition to these channels they have also been getting a lot of favorable media coverage due to the disruptive nature of their product. Since the product the company is offering is so disruptive and different, most of their PR activities and media coverage is geared towards the top of the funnel, specifically awareness. A good example of this includes product coverage on “the Ellent show” [5] which basically steps the audience through the key differentiating features of the smoke detector.

Although the products they are offering are disruptive and geared towards tech savvy consumers, I think they should expand their presence in the physical medium since that is most likely where the customer will evaluate and compare purchase options for these products. Nest has a partnership with Home Depot which gives them excellent reach and visibility, however the in-store display does not do enough to create awareness. I think there is room for improvement here and the awareness can be improved through the distribution of better in-store material, perhaps including an interactive display or product demo along with the in-store product placement. As a customer, I am not aware of the existence of Nest (and the differentiation) unless this is communicated better to me at the point of purchase.



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