Pro Club

Pro Club is a gym locates in Seattle and Redmond. I have been a member for 8 years since I joined Microsoft. As part of the benefit package, Microsoft provides free gym membership to its full time employees and Pro Club is the default choice because of its convenient locations and high quality service.

Pro Club provides a family-friendly environment, including weekly family fun events, child care service and kids programs. It is continually voted as “Eastside’s Best Family Health Club” by Citysearch ranking.

As a local gym, Pro Club doesn’t have any news or promotions on PR and mainstream media. But it has a well-organized website which is ranked as the top website by search engines on querying “Pro Club”. Also, it has accounts on popular social channels, like facebook and twitter, and is using these channels efficiently on publishing events and promotion.

It appears that Pro Club’s community activities are more for existing customers. The business is expanded mainly by referral or come-back customers.

Something the Pro Club can improve is to improve the awareness by sharing more news with PR and mainstream media.


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