ShoeDazzle is a website designed to sell women’s shoes, in addition to handbags and jewelry, to paying members and VIP members. Members get access to fashion forward items along with access to expert tips and style profiles.

ShoeDazzle does not do a lot of direct advertising or branding. They rely on referrals from members and social media to reach potential customers. Social media includes all the main channels such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. They also use celebrity and fashion bloggers on their site and others. Finally, the do use shopper retargeting and member promotional campaigns communicated via email to reach current members.

ShoeDazzle does gear advertising towards each point in the conversion funnel. The funnel starts with a general branding campaign which is communicated via social sharing and style tips for members and non-members alike, moves to direct marketing of promotions to existing members with promotional emails and ends with digital ad campaigns displaying any products viewed by members shopping on the site.

Although they are very effective at reaching new members using social media and blogging, their brand could be expanded by using digital advertising to reach new members. Additionally, they could also use data partners to run an audience targeting campaign that identifies potential members based on demography and look-a-like modeling (based on similar behavior).



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