I currently use Spotify to listen to music. Spotify is an online platform that allows users to access music. Unlike Pandora, Spotify provides full albums, allows customers to customize playlists, and also allows customers to re-play music. Spotify is a free service. However, if customers want to listen to music without listening to advertisements, they can pay for the service.

 I listen to Spotify for free. Lately, I have noticed several advertisements that are pushing for me to join the premium version of Spotify. When I open my Spotify application on my computer, at the bottom of my screen I immediately notice an advertisement that says “Take Premium on the Road”. If I join premium, I will receive a one -month free trial. This free trial will allow me to access Spotify on all my devices, download and listen to music offline and I will be free of advertisements. There is also no commitment to join.

Spotify is focusing on the bottom of the marketing funnel for me. All of their advertisements are focusing on making me a member. In between songs, there will be a short commercial that will talk about the advantages of being a Spotify member and how easy it is to join. Their focus is to build loyalty and to have me commit to becoming a member.

 Spotify does a pretty good job of building their community. Spotify members are linked to their Facebook account. They are able to see what their friends are listening to. If a member is listening to a song or band they are interested in, they can send the songs to their friends through their Spotify account. In addition, members can opt for their Facebook feed to show what they are currently listening to. Friends on Facebook can see your music selection and opt to listen also or learn more about the band. This builds a platform for musicians to gain more exposure through word of mouth. This also allows people to be in the music scene without the legwork of discovering new bands.

Spotify works with bands to put on shows within their offices. They also are involved with their local music scene. They are located in New York City. I lived there over the summer and was able to see how many events they did to connect with their local community. For example, they put on a hack-a-thon for local programmers. One suggestion would be to hold similar events nationwide for people to learn more about them. 


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