Living in Seattle, you barely need to pay attention to search for it and Starbucks just bump into your eyes. Hardly can you tell whether Seattle is famous for Starbucks or Starbucks is famous for Seattle. But we all know people in Seattle love coffee and that ensure Starbucks a large market. However, there are lots of local cafes in Seattle. Starbucks use its PR and community management to link its coffee to high quality service and spirit of life style.

There used to be a very popular video about the culture of Starbucks online. It says the founder of Starbucks dedicate to create a place where people can enjoy the high quality coffee. It introduces the history of Starbucks, the resource of its coffee bean, the process of coffee making and etc. Such video makes every tourists visiting Seattle cannot miss the opportunity to drop by the first Starbucks and buy a cup of coffee.

Besides, Starbucks take advantage of high technology to attract more customers and maintain old customers. The APP called Starbucks just like an electronic membership card. You can pay the coffee just by slide your phone, you can easily know when there is a promotion event happen and you can even search for the Starbucks around you by this APP. Such APP makes consuming at Starbucks more convenience and attracts people to Starbucks once there is a promotion. Starbucks also make a good use of social network, especially facebook. Once there is any promotion or big event, you can easily know it by seeing your friend share the information in facebook

Starbucks never miss the festival opportunities when most people are in high spirit and are willing to make more purchase compared to normal day. They usually have special festival beverage to draw people’s attention. And Buy one get one free event to draw more customers to the store.

Starbucks have really done a good job on its PR and community management. It make good use of high-technology, social network and special event.


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