I am a paying customer of T-Mobile.  I became a customer a few months ago after switching from Sprint.  The company’s PR and Community Management activities are primarily geared towards users at the top of the funnel.  This seems to be consistent with the other wireless carriers, always trying to get new customers to be aware of their offerings and promotions.

On the social media channel, T-Mobile’s CEO is quite outspoken and frequently lobs attacks at the other carriers.  During the Superbowl he sent out tweets insulting ATT and Sprint.  The corporate T-Mobile Twitter account was also getting in on the action.  (http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/john-legere-trash-talked-superbowl/)  Being at the bottom of the Top 4 carriers it seems that T-Mobile is working hard to get their name out there and get some media attention.

Business Insider recently wrote an article about switching to T-Mobile from Verizon.  The author made it clear in the article that Verizon tried to keep him as a customer and yet he still switched to T-Mobile.  He lists the advantages of T-Mobile and frustrations with Verizon.  These are all things that would be geared toward those at the top of the funnel.  Currently customers would already be aware of these advantages and frustrations.

I don’t have many suggestions on ways for T-Mobile to improve their activities.  They are very engaged socially and mainstream media in interested in covering them.  They might want to look at providing some activities aimed at current customers so that they don’t feel neglected.  Other than that, they should continue to work at creating awareness and evaluation.


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