Verity Credit Union

Verity Credit Union is a member-owned financial cooperative company that is using social media to post information that current and potential members will care about. Their goal is to humanize the Verity brand and they accomplished this through several means including Facebook, email marketing list, blog, Twitter, and YouTube channel to name a few.  Most notably, they have a blog called “Our Voices” which has been credited to be the first credit union in the U.S. to launch a blog. Verity also launched a blog called “Verity Mom” that is designed to increase financial awareness among moms hoping to increase new members within their community.

Another interesting technique Verity used to promote brand awareness is through campaigns. As an example, Verity used Cafegive (a marketing apps provider) to launch “Roll on Seattle” – a crowdsourced photo campaign to promote Verity’s bicycle loan program.

I have been a member of Verity Credit Union for over 10 years and I have noticed that Verity has been progressive and aggressive in its social media content generation. They have been focused on generating brand awareness through creative techniques like partnering with Cafegive or blogging site like “Verity Mom”. But, as a customer with good opinions of them, I have not heard about these programs had I not done some research.  One of the ways they can improve their PR and Community management activities is by attending local events like farmer’s markets or by attending football games (like BECU attends Huskies games) to increase their exposures to new customers.

Check out some of their social media links:


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