Vision Quest Sport and Fitness

Vision Quest Sport and Fitness is a local health club and fitness center that provides its services to the greater Seattle and Tacoma areas. In addition to basic gym equipment, Vision Quest offers group fitness classes, personal trainers, and tanning for their clients. There are 10 locations distributed across King and Pierce County. Their focus is customers on a budget, pricing their membership from $15-$19 per month, which is significantly lower than other competing gyms.

For PR, the company has a website, facebook page, and was voted on Evening Magazine/King5 as “The Best of Western Washington.” Their PR efforts are geared more towards “awareness and evaluation” to bring in new clients for membership. One way they’ve done special promotions is through Groupon, allowing 6-week membership with access to a personal trainer at the gym for $10. They also promote through standard channels such a TV, radio, and newspapers ads. The one of their main PR efforts for existing customers is through “Biggest Gainer/Losers” contest, which encourages their clients to use personal trainers and set training goals to gain/lose a certain amount of weight. Vision Quest also promotes deals with their DotFit supplement products.

One way Vision Quest could use improvements on PR efforts is addressing customer complaints. Vision Quest suffers from numerous poor Yelp reviews and facebook comments on customer dissatisfaction. Clients are generally unhappy about broken equipment, lack of other services compared to other gyms, and hidden fees. They can also improve on the website navigation for For example, if you want to find out more about the “Biggest Gainer/Losers” program, you have to search through Google rather than clicking on a link through their website.


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