Xbox Music

I am paid customer of Xbox Music. I’ve started using Xbox Music since it’s integrated with Windows8. Xbox Music is available on iTunes & Google Play. With the large collection of music it has and its integration my all my PCs and Xbox I decided that $9.99 membership is worth the service.

If you are Microsoft user, then Xbox Music is the best service around with apps on all smart phones, Windows PCs and web.


–       Meet Xbox Music, Microsoft’s New All-in-One Music Service

–       Getting started with Xbox Music on Windows 8

–       Xbox Music is an impressive but largely Windows 8 experience


–       12 Month Xbox Music Pass [Online Game Code] for $99.99

–       Xbox Music – Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP2 FREE

–       Microsoft’s new groove: Buy Xbox Music, get a free Windows Phone     

 Xbox Music doesn’t have independent Facebook and Twitter social channels.  There are only Xbox channels




 Xbox Music focuses their PR and advertising towards hardcore music fans. I’d like to see them focus on casual music lovers and also partner with other music streaming services.


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