I had to purchase a new pair of pants and I wanted to buy them directly from the manufacturer, Horny Toad. However, Horny Toad did not have the color in stock that I wanted and REI did not carry the pants in general. I was forced to purchase the pants from Massey’s – an unknown outdoor retailer located in Louisiana. I hate shopping for clothes and whenever possible, my preference is to purchase from an online store with free shipping and returns or from an online retailer like REI that also has a local brick and mortar presence, which makes returns fast and easy.  The trouble with shopping online is that you never know what the color will look like and how clothing will fit. I am typically willing to make this trade-off in an effort to save time and occasionally money. Begrudgingly, I made the purchase through Massey’s because the pants were on-sale and no other retailers fitting my preferences had them in stock.

To make the purchase, I had to register a significant amount of personal information. My inbox is now being flooded with promotional emails from Massey’s. Yet another tradeoff that occurs with purchasing clothing online is that it seems inevitable that my inbox will become flooded with promotions. I would prefer that online retailers make it easy to opt out of these options, or at a minimum reduce the amount of emails. I understand they are trying to increase awareness and drive repeat purchases, but I get overwhelmed and simply delete them without paying much attention to the content. Their direct emailing campaigns would be much more effective if they contacted me only when they have significant sales or promotions.


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