Booking a hotel room on Expedia

I recently booked a hotel room in Hawaii. Being a popular tourist destination, hotel room prices vary a lot from one travel booking site to another. I usually book my travels on Expedia and that’s where I wanted to book the hotel room.

I am an SPG rewards member so I prefer staying at SPG hotels. I explored two other channels before I booked the room to make sure that I was getting the best deal. My first stop was SPG website to find out what properties they have in Maui and in what price range. I settled on the Sheraton resort after viewing several properties. SPG website offered the room for $269 a night. Next I opened Expedia website, searched for the same property. Expedia was offering the same room for $219 a night. I also browsed other similarly rated hotels that were around the same price range. I wanted to make sure that I was getting the best deal so I looked for the same hotel on Kayak was offering the hotel room for the same price as Expedia.

I booked the hotel on Expedia for the best price and loyalty points. I paid $219 and it was the best deal available at that time. I would have preferred to go to just one website that lets me compare prices across multiple channels and also the ability to filter the result based on my loyalty program preference.


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