Buying daily necessities from supermarket

Every two weeks or one month I need to buy some daily necessities such as toilet paper and garbage bag. I usually get them from the supermarket near my apartment, however, unlike fresh food and drinks, I don’t want to go to the supermarket just for these stuffs. Also, they are usually not easy to carry and I have no preference with the quality and brand of these goods. Therefore, instead of buying from a supermarket or grocery store, I prefer buying these stuffs online on a regular basis or just based on price. So I don’t need to carry these goods home or waste time comparing the prices of different brands.

I usually pay the normal price for these goods and take them home by myself. Personally, I prefer paying a price that is little bit higher than in the real stores and it will be better if there is a service that can find the lowest price of these goods for me and regularly deliver them to my apartment.


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