12th Man jersey

Loving the idea of 12th men and a firm believer of the fan spirit, I jumped into online searching of the 12th man jersey by Nike during the halftime show. I ended up making the order together with the miniature helmet on proshop.seahawk.com for the original price, since on NFL.com or fanatics.com the size I wanted was out. Though a little bit pricy, I do believe the memory and sentimental value behind it would be worth it. 

I wanted to get one in the Big 5 store on Ave a few days before the big game, so that I could sport it on the day. Unfortunately, it turned out it sold out weeks ago and never got restock. Without any promotion codes or coupons, I paid the full price online and FedEx flat shipping rate. It haven’t been shipped yet till today. I would prefer if I can order it on Amazon, which only takes two days for delivery or most ideally, in the Big 5 shop or even UW bookstore, with the price around 50 bucks. 

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