Fresh Flowers

One of my best friends is in town for work so she’s staying with us for the next week.  In order to make the house cozier, I wanted to buy fresh flowers for the guest room.   Initially I wanted to go to Costco for other essentials but the weekend crowd is too daunting and I ran out of time.  I also thought about going to Whole Foods or the QFC in Bellevue (great floral selection), but I also ran out of time for those options as well. 

The next step was to decide which grocery store to go to since I don’t really have a “regular” or preferred store.  I decided that Fred Meyer generally had the best flower selection out of the 3-4 stores near our house.   As you can imagine, it was pretty slim pickings after Valentine’s Day, but I was able to find some pretty/vibrant tulips and hydrangeas.  

Fred Meyer had a “buy one bunch, get another ½ off” coupon next to the floral displays so I was happy that I was able to use it.  I probably paid less money to buy the flowers at Fred Meyer than I would have at most of the other stores.  However, I would have been happier with more options and a fresher selection.  Alternatively, given that Valentine’s Day just passed, I wasn’t sure if any of the stores would have a good selection so I opted to not drive the additional 15 minutes each way in the event I’d be disappointed.  I’m happy with the flowers that I bought but I still would have preferred to purchase them at one of the other stores. 


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