High heel shoes

I began to consider buying a pair of business casual high heel since last month. However my size is 5 which is very small, and it’s difficult to find a discounted pair in shopping malls like Northgate, and the original price of shoes at Macy’s and Nordstrom seems too much for me. I knew my preference, so I decided to search on Amazon and other online shoe stores to see whether there has a deal.

I found some beautiful ones online, and they all had detail descriptions, like the color, heel height, materials and etc. However I cannot imagine the feeling of wearing a 3’’ heel shoe. And I was afraid the material to be not soft enough so that my feet would be hurt. I hesitated for a couple of weeks. Finally I decided to go to outlets to see if there’re some suitable shoes. I drove there yesterday and luckily I found a lot.

In one store there’s a “buy one get the second one 50% off” event. And there are also many clearance beautiful shoes. I finally bought two pairs of high heels and a pair of booties. And I feel very satisfied now.

Although I enjoy shopping online, foe some special products, like shoes, I would prefer trying them in store. Because a pair of unsuitable shoes really hurts.


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