and the Bliss of Auto-Renewals

This week, baseball fans around the globe were excited to see their first sights of the 2014 MLB season as pitchers and catchers reported for Spring Training. The start of the season also marked a renewal purchase for me:’s streaming service that allows me to watch all out-of-region baseball games on either my computer or devices. To be able to watch over 200 Spring Training games and nearly 2,300 regular season games, I simply had to let the renewal take place on or around February 19th, 2014 for a one-time charge of $129.99.

I first signed up for the service in 2010 when I lived in Arizona. The service allowed me to watch Mariners and Padres games since I lived outside of their blackout areas (meaning, if I was using in Seattle, I could watch all games except for the Mariners). Due to the overwhelming volume of games available, I’ve felt like the service was worth the charge over the past few years, even as I’ve moved back to Seattle.

The renewal came to me via email. I initially went to to purchase the service years ago, but I only go to the site to log in now, rather than make any sort of transactions. I signed up, as I recall, at a slightly discounted rate, but feel like I generally get my money’s worth (depending on whether I use Wi-Fi or not- the network streaming on my phone is not nearly as robust). is worth the price to me, as an avid baseball fan. Even without watching my home team, I follow enough teams and players to justify the price. However, the only suggestion that I’d make, along with most MLB fans, is to eliminate the blackout restrictions. I feel as if they charge enough for me to be able to watch the local streams of my in-market team. Alternatively, if there were an additional charge that would allow me to watch the in-market team, let me know. Knowing me, I’d probably sign off on that charge too, especially if I’m notified of the transaction as a renewal.


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