MOD Pizza

A MOD Pizza recently opened near my home.  There is also a MOD Pizza near campus on 42nd NE St just below the law school and Burke Museum.  I never ventured into the U-District MOD Pizza until after the one opened near my house and my wife and I became regulars.  I think the reason I never tried the U-District location before was because my assumption was dine-in pizza restaurants are for groups of people and often require a lot of time.  Since I am usually looking for a quick meal on campus before class and am typically alone, I never had a reason for such a meal.  My assumption about MOD was wrong.

MOD offers customized personal thin crust pizzas at the same price of $7.17 regardless of how you build it.  They then cook it in an 800°F oven in less than three minutes.  The flat price regardless of options is a fantastic way to attract customers like me.  I am likely to frequent MOD as I know I can order whatever my taste buds are calling for without getting up charged.  Plus, I know I can order whatever will make the kids eat without wondering what it will cost.  No delivery is offered which may be a downfall when competing with other pizza chains, but also does make some sense considering they fit between a classic box pizza chain and a fast food restaurant.  Their website claims they do not deliver because the product is best when eaten immediately out of the oven.  I would maintain that is true of all food, but yet some businesses still make a haul delivering to customers who will trade quality for convenience.

I have to assume the MOD decision to not offer delivery was carefully thought out and likely was made because the return was not sufficient.  Because I do not know the facts behind that decision, I will leave it alone.  The only recommendation I would make to MOD is to better message exactly what/who they are.  I spent a year plus walking by a MOD Pizza and not going inside because I did not realize they were offering exactly what I wanted – a fairly priced personal, custom pizza that I could get as fast as a McDonalds run.


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