Nike – Just Do It… Online

I am in the process of preparing my UW-themed outfits for C4C weekend in April.  While I own plenty of purple gear already, it doesn’t hurt to have more, especially to wear around those pretentious California business schools.  I am signed up for coed football and coed softball, so I wanted purple clothing that was also athletic.  I have been to retail sports stores, but their purple colored selections were a little bit slim.  I instead went onto to peruse their options.  Their site is very convenient for shopping with themes in mind, as there were filters for color, gender, sport, etc.  So all I had to do was click on Men, Purple, and Clothing, and I had plenty of options to look at without having to search through various areas of a retail store.

I settled on a Nike Dri-fit quarter zip in purple and Nike Pro Combat long compression underwear.  Both were purple.  The underwear was also on sale.  Usually when there is a sale at the Nike store downtown, it is very difficult to find my size or preferred color.  While I would have preferred to have bought them in a retail outlet, so I could try them on if necessary, the ease of shopping on made the process very easy.  They also offered free shipping on orders of $75 or more, which this order qualified for.  So I just have to wait 2-5 business days.  I traded immediacy for guaranteed inventory and an easy online shopping experience.


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