PR and Community Management at Uber

Uber is the latest fad in city taxis with the ability to provide local taxis and simplifying the process of finding a taxi and paying for it. Uber is in early startup mode but has already generated enough interest and buzz in the community following new ventures. Big city commuters have also started using the services. The company is still in customer awareness, evaluation and acquisition mode. Most of its PR and communication is done through their own blog on their website. However companies like Uber and Lyft have generated so much interest that they are constantly represented in news on websites like Techcrunch, GeekWire etc. and gain a lot of PR and community messaging. They also share most of their internal posts on their Facebook page.

At this stage Uber could aim at showing up on searches for taxi in Seattle. They seem not to believe in being found by generic searches but have relied mostly on viral messaging to the community of people wanting to use them.


[1] Blog –

[2] Twitter –

[3] TechCrunch –

[4] Facebook –


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