SlideSharkTM by BrainShark, Inc. – Pricing and Distribution

SlideShark is a mobile app created for individuals, teams and businesses to share and show PowerPoint® presentations easily on their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The award-winning app allows users to download their presentations from any of their cloud storage accounts such as Google Drive, DropBox or iCloud to their SlideShark app on the mobile device, which automatically converts the presentations into a mobile-optimized format that preserves the fonts, colors, animation, links, etc. as they were meant to be seen. The converted file can also be uploaded online or broacated for future on-demand views and sharing among team members. Viewing numbers and results can also be tracted through SlideShark once the presentation is broadcated on the web.
SlideShark was featured on Apple app store, where individuals can download for free. To use the app, however, the app requires the user to register with an email address and open up an account. The free version of the app came with 50 MB of storage to save presentations in the personal account. To increase the storage size, SlideShark offers 25MB for every friend the user refers to use the app. Based on a freemium model, SlideShark also offers an upgraded PRO version for individuals who use the app for work, and Slide Shark for Businesses where co-workers can share their slides and tract viewing at a premium prices.
As an individual user who only uses SlideShark occasionally, I like the product. SlideShark is easy to find on iTunes Store, with search keywords such as powerpoint and presentation. The fact that it was featured and the download number was high make it more appealing than its competitors. In terms of ease of use, while opening an account certainly make sense in terms of managing all the material and is beneficial to the company to obtain user information, I would have preferred being able to sign in with my existing cloud account, such as Google Drive account, instead of having to remember another password and do extra steps to link to the Drive.


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