I signed up for TaxAct for preparing my tax return for 2013.  TaxAct is an online software service and this is exactly where I wanted to go to get it.  You just login to a website and get started.  The service comes with a few different pricing levels.  There is a free version, deluxe version, and ultimate bundle.  I chose the Deluxe version which is free to prepare then you pay $12.99 when you’re ready to file.  The ultimate bundle is also free to prepare but costs $17.99 to file.  The price of $12.99 seems fairly reasonable, but I would obviously prefer free.  The one thing I don’t like is there isn’t a good description of the differences between the free and deluxe versions.  It’s possible I could have completed the same tax rate on the free version.  Given that, I would prefer to be able to simply start a tax return, then we it’s time to file get charged if some service or feature of the deluxe version was used, otherwise file for free.


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